Microsoft @ UTHM

Notis Penting!

Important Notice!

Semua urusan RASMI (perkhidmatan atas talian) perlu menggunakan Microsoft bermula 1 Mac 2023

All official affairs(online services) starting March 1, 2023, must be using Microsoft services.

ATTENTIONS TO ALL STUDENTS!! | EMAIL MUST USE (inform receiver about your new email and update email info previously registered with other system / registration forms / social media etc.)

Install Microsoft Office 365(Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) using your account.

* Your email account / can be use to activate Microsoft Office 365, free of charge.

Here is how to install Office 365 on your windows PC and Apple Mac(skip to step 13).

1. Open and click “Sign in” on the top right corner of the website.

2. Enter your email address and password to sign in.

3. Click “Install apps”.

4. Click “Microsoft 365 apps” and an installer file will be downloaded. The file name is “OfficeSetup.exe”.

5. Open your download folder and double click / run / open the OfficeSetup.exe

6. Setup will begin downloading files to continue installing Office 365 apps.

7. Setup will continue to install Office apps until the process complete.

8. Click “Close” once install is completed.

9. Open Microsoft Word and click “Sign in” on the top right corner.

10. Enter you email and password to proceed.

10. Click “No, sign in to this app only” and wait until the activation process is finish.

11. You can see your name and email signed in after the activation process is completed.

12. You can verify your Office 365 is activated by clicking the “Account” button at the bottom left of the Word app. You can now use all Office 365 apps like Excel etc.

13. To install Office 365 apps on Apple Mac, repeat step 1 until step 4, but the installer file name will be different. Open the installer found on your download folder.

14. Click “Continue” to start the installation.

15. Enter your Mac credentials to proceed and click ‘Install Software”.

16. Click “Close” to finish the installation.

17. Open the Microsoft Word app.

18. Click “Get started” to proceed with activation process. 

19. Repeat step 9 until step 11 and you can now start use Microsoft Office 365 apps.