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How to schedule an online meeting using Teams desktop?

1. Open Microsoft Teams and click “Get started”.

2. Enter your full email address and click “Next.”

3. Enter your password and click “Sign in”.

4. You will see a list of your team if you have created one before. Click the “Calendar” button on the left side.

5. Click on the “New Meeting” button at the top right corner. Choose this if you want to schedule an online meeting at a later date. If you want to create an online meeting right away, click the “Meet now” button.

6. Enter all the information needed for the meeting as usual and click “Save” once you finish. For more information and steps, consult the online tutorial teams.

7. To join a meeting, simply click “Join” either on your calendar or on your email. Click the “Join now” button once you are ready.

8. If Windows asks for permission to use the network, click “Allow access”, otherwise you can’t use the service.

9. Once connected, you can use the app with the same functionality as the web version. Please follow the web tutorial for more details.