How to reconfigure OTP for lost or new phone?

1. Download again Microsoft Authenticator app and sign in using your personal Microsoft e-mail(if you setup backup to cloud on your previous phone) or create a new one.

2. Call or WhatsApp PTM Helpdesk(07 – 453 7592 / 7295) for reseting your OTP setup. Please stand by with your identity documentation for verification purpose by PTM staff.

3. Enter your email and password, then click “Sign In”. If you are using your personal computer, you may choose “Remember me”.

4. Once installed on your smartphone, open the Microsoft Authenticator app and tap on “Skip“. 

5. Tap the “+” on the top right corner of your screen then choose “Other account”.

5. Then point your smartphone to the QR code generated on the login screen. (left side of the screen)

6. You will now see a new account has been added to the app. Tap the “UTHM-SSO” to show the QR code.

7. Attention !! ~ This step is important to successfully pair OTP with your smartphone. Once you see the 6 digit code, QUICKLY write it down on a piece of paper. This is because a new code will be generated every 30 seconds. If you missed the first one, don’t worry, just write down the code that you are able to.

Screenshot 2023-06-17 at 3.19.52 PM

8. Fill up the details required on the right side of the “Authentication” screen. Put your smartphone model for reference. Click on “Submit” to continue.

9. You are now successfully login to the system you choose earlier. You can also use other system or services without entering the same username and password again.