Microsoft @ UTHM

How to check and manage your e-mail using Outlook desktop app?

Do this steps ONLY ON / AFTER 1st March 2023

1. Microsoft Outlook for desktop comes preinstalled with Office 365. (Click here to download). After you finish installing Office 365, login using your UTHM’s account.

2. Search for the Outlook app in the Windows Start menu to launch it.Enter your email address once Outlook asks about adding an account. Click “Connect” to continue.

3. Select Microsoft 365 by clicking on it.

4. Enter your password and click “Sign in”.

5. Click “No, sign in to this app only”.

6. You will be notified once your account is successfully added. If you want to set up Outlook on your mobile phone, just click “Done”. A new webpage will appear so that you can install the app by scanning the QR code.

7. You will also see a notification appear at the bottom right of your screen saying your email will take time to be copy / download.

8. If there’s another notification about admin, just ignore it by closing it. Microsoft is updating some of it services.

9. You can create a new email by clicking the “New Email” button. If you click the arrow next to it, you’ll see a list of other options, such as scheduling a meeting or appointment, or hosting an online meeting through Teams Meeting.The Outlook apps integrate all Microsoft services in one place for easy access.

10. Start by typing the recipient of the email you want to send and filling in the subject and content of the email as usual.

11. You have to enter your signature again in Outlook, even though you have done this on Outlook Web. Just click on the signature icon and click “Signature”.

12. Click “New” to create new signature. You can create multiple signatures for different purposes. Click OK once you’ve entered the name for your signature.

13. Change the font style of your signature as you would in Microsoft Word.Click OK once you are done.

14. Select your default signature by clicking the Signature icon again.

15. It will be automatically added to your email. Click “Send” to proceed.

16. You can see that your email was successfully sent in the Sent Items folder.

17. To reply to an email you receive, simply click on it, click reply, and start typing your message.

18. To delete your email, simply click the “Delete” button.

19. To create a folder for better organizing your email, right-click on your email address and select “New folder”.

20. To move your email to the folder you just created, right click the email then select “Move” , then select folder name.

21. To access your calendar, click the calendar icon. For information on how to use the Outlook calendar, please see the Outlook for web tutorial.