Microsoft @ UTHM

How to backup your files on the web using Microsoft Onedrive?

1. Click on this link, to access your OneDrive.

2. Click the “New” button, and you can choose to create a folder or other types of files like Word documents and other office files. Click on “Folder” to create a new folder.

3. Enter your desired name and then click “Create”.

4. You’ll notice that there are three blue lines on top of the folder name; this indicates that a new folder was created. It will disappear automatically.

5. Now let’s upload the file into the folder you just created. Just click the “Upload” button and select “Files” if you want to upload one or more files. You can also upload a folder from your computer.

6. Once you have selected the file for the upload, there will be a status indicator at the top right corner, and you can click it to view its status.

7. After the upload is complete, another notification will appear showing what file was successfully uploaded.

8. To share the file, just move your mouse cursor to the arrow icon and click it to share your file.

9. You can also click on the three-dot icon next to the share icon and then click “Share”.

10. Select who you want to share the file with by typing their email / name and selecting the desired person. If you want to send the shared link, just click “Send”. Click on the text “People in UTHM with the link can view” to change the permission to “view only” or “other people can edit”.

11. Click on “Can view” under the “Other settings”.

12. Choose “Can edit” to allow other people to edit your file.

13. Select “Copy” to share your file with others via WhatsApp or paste it as a website link.

14. You can also open the file via a web browser or an app on your computer.

15. When others open the file you shared, they can begin editing it, and OneDrive will save a version of what was edited each time. This way, you can always review or revert back to the version you need. Just click on “version history” to view the list.

16. You can also review the version history by clicking the file and then “Version History”

17. To delete a file, simply select the file and click three-dot, then click “Delete”. Your file will be move to recycle bin and will be deleted permanently after 93 days. By emptying the recycle bin, you can immediately delete your file.