Microsoft @ UTHM

How to setup Microsoft Authenticator App with Microsoft Account(e-mail / Office apps / Teams)?

1. Login to your outlook web and navigate to this link -> security-info

Click “+ Add sign-in method”.

2. Click “Choose a method” and select “Authenticator app”.

3. Install Microsoft Authenticator App on your smartphone. If you done this, you can proceed by clicking “Next”.

4. On your smartphone, open Microsoft Authenticator App and tap the “+” icon to add new account. Then, select “Work or School“.

5. Scan the QR code using your smartphone with the Microsoft Authenticator App and click “Next” on your computer.

6. The browser on your computer will show 2 digit code, enter that code on your smartphone after you tap on notifications from Microsoft Authenticator App on your smartphone. Tap “YES” to approve the sign-in request.

7. You have now completed the MFA setup by using Microsoft Authenticator App.