Use Free OTP app "ONLY IF YOUR PHONE" does not support Microsoft Authenticator App

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How to use Free OTP app to setup 2-Factor Authentication?

1. Download first the Free OTP app. Open the app and tap the “+” icon at the bottom right conner.

2. Tap the “QR Code” icon.

3. Login to SMAP / E-kursus on your desktop computer/laptop/tablet. Scan the QR code that appear on YOUR computer using Free OTP app on your phone.

4. You will see “UTHM-SSO” on your phone.

5. Tap on “UTHM-SSO” on your phone to show the 6 digit code.

6. Enter the 6 digit code and device name(can use any name, just for your reference.)

7. You are now successfully use Free OTP as an alternative authenticator app.