Microsoft @ UTHM

How to share Microsoft Form(with uploading file) for people outside of UTHM?


This step can also be used for internal purposes, but you have to create each folder for a file upload manually in your OneDrive. The only downside is ;

i. We cannot force the required or verified file upload section.
ii. Cannot filter file types and limit upload size.
iii. The link created for File Request will be DISABLE AFTER 30 DAYS.

1. Prepare your form and DO NOT include file upload for the input type, we will add this later. Then click “Collect responses”.

2. Choose “Anyone can respond”.

3. Go back to your form and add new “Text” input. Click the three-dots and then choose “Subtitle”.

4. Now open your OneDrive the create “New Folder”. You can name your folder so that its easy for you to refer later to your form. Files uploaded by respondent will be save here.

5. Choose the folder you just created and click the three-dots and click “Request files”.

6. Enter the name of the requested files so the respondent know what files to upload. Click Next to proceed.

7. Click “Copy link”, then click “Done”.

8. Paste the link in the “Subtitle” section of your text input. Please enter some instruction in the question section like “Please click the link below to upload your file” so that user aware of this step.

9. You can now test your form and once user click the link, they will be redirected to new webpage asking to upload file.

10. You can view the uploaded files in your OneDrive folder.